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Financial Goals


After completing a Diploma of Counselling in 2004 I have helped many people get ahead financially. My interest in helping people learn about money was ignited when visiting homes as a Life Coach for a major educational provider. I quickly became aware that many people lacked financial education which made it difficult for them to achieve their dreams.

I discovered I had a heart to educate people just like you, or people you know so people have the tools to become more financially capable. My passion has strengthened as I have witnessed many people make positive changes in their lives after engaging with impartial money education, either through workshops/seminars or one on one money coaching using resources from Sorted

I have used this passion to write 2 books and a kit to educate individuals and families around the use and management of money.

“It is not how much money you earn, it is what you do

with what you earn that will determine your financial future.”

Sylvia Bowden CFFC


Sorted Seminar Facilitator

TE ARA AHUNGA ORA Retirement Commission- Affiliated Facilitator

CAP Money Coach (Christians Against Poverty)

Certificate in Adult Teaching and Training

Certificate of Money Management

Diploma of Counselling

Published author of three books on money education

Member CBNZ (Christian Budgeting NZ)

“You are in safe hands”. Confidentiality is assured. I hold no Government Contracts which require me to pass on your personal information.

Sorted Facilitator

Please call me today on 027 631 8524, or email me to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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