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Financial Education

Forward is Forward

Many people are unable to move forward financially, because of lack of education and lack of support.

MONEYCOACHING is for Everyone – For you, your friends, your Whanau, your grown children, your grandchildren, your staff, your students, your work colleagues or community groups which you may be part of.   It doesn’t matter your speed – forward is forward.

The MONEYCOACHING I offer is all about education and empowering people. I use resources from Sorted and TE ARA AHUNGA ORA Retirement Commission to guide the process so I can provide participants with impartial education.  

The TE ARA AHUNGA ORA Retirement Commission has created a National Strategy for Financial Capability to enable all New Zealanders to get ahead financially.  The MONEYCOACHING I offer aligns with the National strategy for Financial Capability which is ” Working together to help New Zealanders understand money” .

 Click here to check out the National Strategy for Financial Capability in more detail.

The knowledge you gain from MONEYCOACHING will enable you to know which questions to ask, to have an idea of what you actually need before seeking independent professional advice when making decisions re investment advice, mortgages, financial planning, insurance and retirement.


MONEYCOACHING can show you how to :

  • Learn how to set and achieve financial goals
  • Increase confidence, competence and coping skills
  • Make robust financial decisions
  • Effectively manage your finances including savings within your income
  • Know the difference between Productive Debt (Smart Debt) and Unproductive Debt (Dumb Debt)
  • Think of ways to generate income
  • How to create a spending plan
  • How to create an easy money management system


Before receiving Money Coaching with Sylvia I was living from pay to pay. In fact I would usually run out of money a few days before my pay cheque went in each fortnight. Despite working during the past 10 years I had zero savings. (Though, I had managed to pay off a $10,000 credit card debt and got rid of all credit cards as I knew I couldn’t trust myself with one). I was in my early 30’s and really wanted to start saving for a house deposit. Plus I had just started a relationship with an amazing man (now my husband) who is a saver (I know – opposites attract right!) and who encouraged me to sort out my finances…..READ MORE



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